Our commitment with innovation led us to services and products in the fields of generative design and artificial intelligence analytics/feedback systems for data visualisation and data driven solutions.

In data driven solutions we work in systems to enhance cultural consumers and customer’s shopping experiences.

In generative design we develop tools and set the rules to render images and videos for print and digital media.

Data visualisation

In a Big Data context, we make use of algorithms to analyse, interpret and visually present information, delivering maps, graphics and infographics, transforming complex data into knowledgeable, clear and useful visual information for the action of organisations.

In-place.info®, a data driven solution to enhance the tourists’ visit experience

The in-place.info® system is based on the relationship between tourists and points of interest, which allows the enhancing of the tourists’ visit experience and the information collection of this relationship.

The system comprises signage near each point of interest and a Web App with the contents of that point of interest. The access is made via interaction of the tourist with the signage – QR code and NFC chip for smartphone and tablet users.

The first implementation of this system was made for a wine route near Lisbon – Rota dos Vinhos de Bucelas, Carcavelos e Colares.

In-place.info® allows for data mining and system feedback

In-place.info® embraces a framework that includes a reporting system with traffic information at the web apps, statistical calculus of geospatial metrics and multidimensional data analysis. This system incorporates capital gains either upstream (tourist destination) or downstream (tourists).

From the interpretation of data the system allows to develop a set of capital gain values (scientific and statistical data analysis) and give feedback with information that is relevant for the audience.

In-StoreTip®, a data driven solution to enhance the customers’ shopping experience

To contribute to an omnichannel retail environment, we developed the in-StoreTip® platform, a digital channel with information and promotional offers that enhances the shoppers’ experience in their seamless customer journey.

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Generative design framework , a bottom-up design process

Under our generative design methodology, we establish the core idea of the project, develop a tailored software, and set the morphological and behavioural features of the images to render, autonomously and randomly, a set of images and videos for print and digital media.