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What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small text file that we place in your computer or device, if allowed. Cookies can be used for several different purposes, which we will explain in detail below.
You can block or remove cookies on your Internet browser or by using third-party software, but there may be problems with the use of certain parts of the website if you do.
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What is the purpose of the cookies ?

Cookies have a lot of different features and below we list just a few examples:

  • They can remember your preferences. This will cause certain forms easier to fill.
  • They may collect anonymous usage information. We use this information to continue to improve your experience.
  • They may remember that you visited the website.

Remember that you can block or remove cookies at any time. When you do, the information stored is removed permanently.

Disable Cookies:

The user may block or remove cookies through the internet browser or using third-party software, such as the browser add-on for exclusion from Google Analytics.

The user may at any time revoke the permission given to the use of cookies by clicking the Revoke button Revoke consent 

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